Bresee Bible College

2020 Fall Quarter Courses

  • History & Polity of the Church of the Nazarene
  • The Practice of Christian Ministry
  • Global Evangelism (Rev. Daniel Bradshaw)
  • Holiness: Theology and Practice (Rev. Andy Newman)

Bresee Bible College
2020 Fall Quarter

Class locations to be determined:

Registration deadline August 15, 2020. 
Please note that with the Fall 2020 term and going forward, we are now requiring each student to pay both the registration fee ($20) and an initial deposit of ($50) for the course/es they will be taking. Thus, prior to the beginning start date of the course (August 24th), a student will need to have paid ($70 of $140). If it is not paid, then a student will not be able to begin the class.

Instead of a physical form to fill out and submit, Bresee Bible College has moved to online registration. Click on the link below to register.